What I Do

What I Do



  • Oversee strategic planning and business development of new creative, entertainment and business initiatives
  • Manage projects from concept to completion: define the processes, structure and timelines; participate in and shepherd the creative process; manage relationships with outside partners
  • Build teams that maximize both individual strengths and the power of collective efforts 
  • Conceive and negotiate project agreements: partnership, licensing, rights and royalties, creative or vendor contracts
  • Create and manage budgets up to $20M. Develop approval, revision and reporting processes
  • Highly skilled and innovative marketing, sales and PR strategist

Entertainment Executive

  • Cultural leader who ensures that corporate values are supported across organizations
  • Catalyst and champion during periods of organizational growth (i.e. core member of senior executive team overseeing explosive expansion of Blue Man Group from 60 to 800 people)
  • Barometer of corporate culture through open dialogue who actively seeks input and feedback
  • Supervise departmental managers to sustain corporate strategy and operations, internal and external relationships 
  • Oversee hiring and training of all levels of personnel; develop operating policies and procedures 
  • Set the bar for outstanding, effective and exciting work environment to create and maintain excellent employee morale; oversee conflict resolution
Photo by Andrew Boyle   andrewboylephotography.com

Photo by Andrew Boyle andrewboylephotography.com

Creative Leader

  • Provide a fertile environment that fosters new work and ensures high quality output
  • Thrive in areas of innovation and emerging business; create processes for research and iteration
  • Successfully identify and cultivate capacities for emerging talent and creative teams
  • Encourage creative talent to grow, share and monetize their work without artistic compromise
  • Enable free thinking by supporting new approaches and suspending ideas about potential outcomes
  • Anticipate trends in the cultural landscape and identify exciting prospects for creative and business development
  • Unique ability to integrate disparate creative forces for outstanding results