In the Works

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In the Works

ZeroSpace: “A multiverse where art, technology, and humanity meet.”*

This ambitious, unique venture has been a joy to be a part of. I’ve been working on the producing and the creative performance elements; but approaching everything from a slightly different angle than I ever have before. Almost like we’re in (spoiler alert) another dimension. Launching end of July. Check out a little taste here, scroll down for video: https://zerospace.co/

 *I do good taglines. Hit me up.

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The Fallen Saint // Hotbed Music Hall, is a venture I've been happily working on with a group of talented colleagues/friends from Blue Man Group, Queen of the Night, STOMP! and beyond.

Hotbed Music Hall is a world-class entertainment venue and full service café/bar anchored by The Fallen Saint, a new live music/immersive theater concept inspired by the music and culture of New Orleans from turn-of-the-century through Prohibition.

We have found a home in New Orleans and are actively looking for real estate/venues in other markets across the country. Pushing the New Orleans opening back a bit—we are working on the long game! More on the big vision here: https://www.hotbedentertainmentgroup.com/


Inspired by all the most awesome 9 to 11 year-old girls we know, Alix Sloan and I are working on a series of middle grade novels, The Peony Chronicles. They address real topics (BFFs! Boys! Bras!) in a real way, with honesty, humor, and compelling, relatable stories. Bestsellers? A hit TV show? Hopefully… but at the very least, I get to “see” my LA-based friend, Alix during our regular FaceTime meetings!

We are thrilled that superstar agents at ICM loved The Peonies and are currently shopping the first book. Send us good vibes! We couldn’t wait to get back into the world we’ve created while we sort out the business side of things, soooo we are about halfway through the second book in the series.

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When my sister’s kids were 4 and 5, I made up a series of stories about their beloved black lab, Telly, and her extremely overactive tail. Sort of Clifford the Big Red Dog meets Amelia Bedelia. Now, the kids are pre-teens and Telly is a very sweet, very old girl and I’m finally getting around to doing something with the stories. My dear friend, hilarious performer, and amazing illustrator, Bradford Scobie, is bringing Telly to life and we’re making a picture book. More to come.  In the meantime, if you’re a grown up, do yourself a favor and go see Bradford host The Wiggle Room.