Queen of the Night

I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty—I rolled around on the ground with the filmmakers from XY Content to get these shots of Queen of the Night, the Drama Desk Award winning, immersive dinner theater extravaganza.


Article: Galore Darling - C0-Producer of the Fabulous Queen of the Night - Jennie Willink

"We’re so happy we got to chat with one of the co-producers Jennie Willink of the critically acclaimed immersive NY theater show Queen of the Night. She told us all about the show and why we should def check it out..."


Blue Man Group

We made thousands of hours of video during my 14 years with the worldwide phenomenon, Blue Man Group. This is the first TV spot we ever made and it's still my favorite. Got dirty making this one too. 


Article: Fast Company - Freak Control

A recent meeting covered several major events, including an opening in Amsterdam, a new tour, and the construction of a theater. Willink blinked and then suddenly sketched out a plan. "It was like watching a crazed supercomputer doing 64 million simultaneous computations," cofounder Matt Goldman recalls. "Eighteen months. Five huge projects. Boom."


Article: American Express OPEN Forum - Organization Insights Behind the Blue Men

“Making ideas happen,” Jennie Willink proclaims, “is pretty much all I think about.” After more than twelve years with Blue Man Group, Willink leads the company’s creative team - a 30+ person group that generates and executes ideas for new acts, music, advertising, and characters...


The Paul Holdengraber Show

I worked with The New York Public Library's impresario Paul Holdengraber to produce this original series for YouTube, featuring conversations between Paul and award-winning writers, artists and filmmakers. We spent a lot of hours in a small room with the lovely Werner Herzog.